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History of Waukesha in 100 Objects

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The City of Waukesha has many stories to tell. Displayed here are 100 objects that represent just some of those stories. Many of the objects are from the collection of the Waukesha County Historical Society & Museum. Others are on loan from community members and organizations. All have been preserved so that current and future generations of Waukeshonians can learn about the hundreds of thousands of people who have lived, worked, built, and shaped the city we live in today.

The exhibit explores the city’s history through ten collections of items:

Agribusiness | Businesses | Civic | Education

Industry | Recreation & Entertainment |Religion

Service |Social & Cultural | Transportation

These ten collections are grouped into four galleries. The first Life in Waukesha explores what it's like to live in the city: going to school, attending church, and having fun. Working in and Businesses in Waukesha tell histories of the industries and business that have employed and served the residents of the city. Service in Waukesha is dedicated to the men and women of Waukesha who have served our country since the city’s founding in 1896. As you explore the many stories here, we hope you are inspired to think about your impact in the city. What objects will tell your history?